Smog and waste water: Italy referred to the European Court of Justice

Smog and waste water: Italy referred to the European Court of Justice

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The European Commission has referred Italy to the Luxembourg Court of Justice for two serious and multi-year environmental violations relating toair pollution and the disposal of waste water. A decision that is added to a list of judgments and procedures still open against our country on the environmental issues front.

Included in the list, disputes arising from the treatment of waste, from illegal landfills, the levels of smog in the cities and the lack of attention paid to the quality of life and health of citizens.

The Italian defaults

On this occasion, the attention of EU commissioners focused, in the first place, on Italy's repeated violation of the limits of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in ten areas inhabited by "about seven million" people.

In the identified areas, the European directive 2008/50, to which our country would have had to adapt by 2010. There are two nitrogen dioxide limits that should not be exceeded: one annual (40 micrograms per cubic meter) and the other hourly (200 micrograms per cubic meter, not to be exceeded for more than 18 days a year).

In the center of the viewfinder, the great urban agglomerations of the north: Milan, Turin, Brescia and Bergamo. But the Commission points its finger on the Po Valley in general and also on other cities such as Rome, Genoa, Florence, Campobasso and Catania. The Tuscan coast and some Sicilian industrial areas are also included in the appeal.

The second complaint concerns the failure to comply with the Community rules on waste water treatment in over 700 agglomerations and 30 sensitive areas from an environmental point of view, with more than 2 thousand inhabitants. To end up under accusation forinadequacy of sewage and purification systems there are sixteen regions: Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Liguria, Lombardy, Marche, Piedmont, Puglia, Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany, Umbria and Veneto.

It is not the first time that Italy is at the center of the interest of Brussels for violations of this kind, which cost the Bel Paese the payment of millions of fines. Dates back to the end of May 2018, the ruling by which the European Court of Justice ruled that theItaly has not implemented EU law on the collection and treatment of urban waste water. A sentence that has seen our country attributed a fine of 25 million euros, plus another 30 every six months of non-compliance.

The comment of the Legambiente expert

Commenting on the incident, in an interview granted to TG2000, Andrea Minutolo, Coordinator of the Legambiente Scientific Office, said: "This is not new, we expected it. In terms of air pollution and purification, Italy has several precedents of offenses against: four for purification, two for atmospheric pollution and we await more in the coming years. To get out of the atmospheric pollution emergency, we need to carry out a structural and multidisciplinary intervention, intervening on traffic, heating and industries. As for purification, on the other hand, we should have the political will to allocate money, to improve, integrate and better develop what are the current purification plants. The government in recent years"- continues the expert,"has allocated 90 million euros to get out of the sewage emergency from now to 2023. If the political will exists, it could be possible in the next two or three years to overcome the emergency, with benefits for the environment and for tourism. Because poor water quality obviously has repercussions on this sector as well.

We look forward to future developments, hoping that they will lead to positive results as soon as possible. For the sake of the environment and the health of all Italian citizens.

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