Ribose: properties and uses

Ribose: properties and uses

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The ribose it is a sugar, we do not find it in sachets at the bar but we must not forget it for this. We will find that it is very useful for the proper functioning of our body, it gives us a lot of energy and it is essential for the unfolding of many daily actions.

Ribosio: what it is

It is a sugar, made up of five carbon atoms, it is therefore a monosaccharide carbohydrate that has all the hydroxyl groups facing right, which is why it is said to have an open form. It is considered indispensable for living beings, we find it in every cell and also in complex structures such as ribonucleic acid (RNA) and adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

It looks like one White powder, at room temperature, odorless. Although found in all cells, ribose is not associated with any particular food. None contain appreciable quantities that could help us fill up on this sugar. So how do you cover your daily needs?

It passes through the pentose phosphates converting glucose, much more present and abundant in nature, into ribose. In this process, the production of reducing equivalents also takes place, useful for the maintenance of antioxidant properties of the cell.

On the market you might find some ribose supplements of purely industrial origin. These are products obtained through techniques that use bioreactors based on yeasts or bacteria, the substrate in this case consists of corn syrup which allows to obtain a product with a high degree of purity if properly treated.

Ribose: properties

We mentioned the great importance of ribose for the human body and its involvement in production of structures such as ATP. Let's see what happens better. Ribose is purely used to produce ATP molecules which are a very precious source of immediate energy for the body.

Breathing, muscle movement and correct functioning of brain activity and many other vital functions of our organism are strictly dependent on the presence of ATP. Without it, the cells would not be able to function normally and would die, on the contrary when the ribose is present in the correct quantities then the heart conditions and athletic performance, we are better able to recover from the muscular point of view, we feel the mind ready and goodbye chronic fatigue syndrome.

Ribose: uses

Ribose in our body has many functions, is involved in many reactions of both energetic and metabolic nature than plastic and is among the protagonists of the cellular and tissue homeostasis process. Let's see in which contexts it is needed.

It is the essential sugar for synthesis of nucleic acids, therefore essential for protein synthesis and cell division but also for the synthesis of amino acids such as histidine, glutamine, glutamate, proline and arginine, particularly valuable both from a structural and metabolic point of view. We always speak of synthesis for ATP and ribose is fundamental in this context, thus being essential in energy processes.

We find ribose also involved in adjustment process of the state of cellular oxidation-reduction, the mechanism that allows us to protect the cell from harmful stimuli induced by reactive oxygen species.

This sugar is also implicated in energy production, not direct but passing through the non-oxidative phase of the pentose phosphate pathway. In this case there is the conversion of pentoses such as ribose into metabolites intercalated in the neoglucogenic pathway which are very important in periods of fasting or of great energy need, because they are used for the production of glucose.

The ribose supplements, so useful in all these ways listed, they are widely used especially among sportsmen for their energetic and at the same time restorative effect. When using this type of products there are also other advantages including the strengthening of the heart pump and improving cardiovascular health.

Ribose: contraindications

Such a useful substance can have some contraindications? There are some, but very few. These are more than anything else trivial precautions to avoid those few side effects that can be traced back to this sugar.
If you overdo it with ribose you can feel ailments such as nausea, diarrhea, dizziness and headache. The blood sugar level can drop significantly and macular degeneration in the eye can also occur. These are not serious symptoms but it is good to seek medical attention if they occur.

Ribosio: prices

On the market, online or in sports shops, they are found ribose supplements that can do for us such as this one. On Amazon we find it at 25 euros in packs of 100 grams.

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