Antihistamine: benefits and side effects

Antihistamine: benefits and side effects

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Even those who are not allergic connect the word antihistamine with allergies, let alone that he suffers from them and can often do nothing but use them in abundance, as permitted, to try to get better and get some relief. Beyond the associations of ideas, let's try to investigate better about antihistamine to understand why they can help us when we suffer from allergies and how.

Benefits antihistamine

The antihistamines are drugs used to treat the symptoms of allergic reactions, usually you take them when you have an allergy to dust mites or when you suffer from a seasonal allergy, also called hay fever. Even in the case of food allergies, a antihistamine can help but do not delude ourselves too much, they are not magical potions and it should be clarified immediately that these drugs are not able to control all the possible symptoms of the allergic reaction.

For example, when following an allergy you find yourself with a strong one nasal congestion, then rather than stuffing yourself with antihistamine it is better to rely on one decongested drug. There are also medicines that combine the use of antihistamines with an active ingredient of this type.

How does an antihistamine work? Let's try to understand something. Its mechanism of action is based on histamine block which is a substance released by the cells of the immune system when the body comes into contact with it allergen for which one is hypersensitive. Actually acting as a mediator of inflammation, histamine is the substance that triggers the typical symptoms of allergic reactions. Among the most classic we can mention the swelling of the tissues of the nose, the increase in tearing of the eyes, various itches and, in the worst case, even skin rashes.

Antihistamine: latest generation

A latest generation antihistamine it continues to be nothing magical, let's forget the panacea for all ills, at most they are drugs which, being the result of enormous research, are able to give fewer side effects than those of the previous generation. However, the format does not change and neither does the method of administration.

We find in the pharmacy antihistamines in the form of tablets, capsules, solutions, nasal sprays, eye drops and creams. In some cases they are over the counter drugs that can be purchased without a prescription, but this is not always the case, it depends on the type, however it is always better do not proceed with the DIY but ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice when you think you are dealing with the symptoms of an allergy. From time to time they will be able to recommend the most suitable product for our discomfort.

Especially a new generation antihistamine on average, it begins to take effect after about half an hour from taking, every now and then even after 15 minutes, and then reaches maximum effectiveness within a couple of hours. The new generation ones have a prolonged effect which can reach 24 hours and can therefore be taken only once a day, while the older ones often have an effect of about half a day.

Antihistamine: side effects

The side effects are not serious but are numerous, they range a lot and it should also be taken into account that an antihistamine "First generation" tends, as imaginable, to trigger more side effects. We therefore try to hire, in agreement with the doctor, the "new generation" ones.

When taking an antihistamine, it can happen that you feel dry mouth, a feeling of drowsiness, the onset of dizziness. There may also be gods bouts of nausea and vomiting, problems with urination, sudden blurred vision and an abnormal sense of confusion. In children, antihistamines can create restlessness or sudden mood swings.

Given the possible side effects, it is not recommended to take antihistamines before driving or operating dangerous machinery, especially because of the possible sleepiness they can cause. In general, it is best to take them before going to sleep.

Antihistamine in pregnancy

If you want to hire a antihistamine and you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is best to discuss with your doctor who can recommend the best one or prescribe another type of medication. The same is also true for other cases such as for example anyone suffering from an enlarged prostate or high blood pressure, or cardiovascular disorders. Even those with thyroid, kidney or liver problems and those suffering from glaucoma should consult a doctor before using antihistamines, even if they are over the counter.

Antihistamine eye drops

The eye drops antihistamine is a medicine for ocular use, formulated with active ingredients with antihistamine and anti-allergic action. In pharmacies there are different types, some classified as self-medication, others can only be purchased with a prescription. In any case it should be clarified that we are talking about real medicines, it is therefore good to use them only after consulting a doctor.

Usually, antihistamine eye drops are used to counteract allergies to the eye, in the presence of symptoms such as those of conjunctivitis and keratoconjunctivitis allergic in nature: inflammation, itching, redness, swelling, burning and photosensitivity.

Antihistamine: where to buy it

An antihistamine can only be bought online at a pharmacy Amazon we find a natural antiallergic and antihistamine supplement to counteract allergies, inflammation, allergic rhinitis and urticaria that we can try. A pack of 125 tablets costs 20 euros. Before choosing online, you can also take into consideration natural antihistamines, told in this article.

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