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More expensive dogs

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The love of a dog is priceless but the purebred dog it does. There are some that really cost a lot and others that are much more affordable, the reasons behind these figures are not always understood. In fact there are many factors that can affect the price of a certain breed of dogs.

THE More expensive dogs they are not necessarily the most beautiful or the best, and not even the greatest, they are often the rarest and most particular. It is not only nature that regulates the cost of a four-legged friend but also the mere law of the market that interprets the dog as any commodity and the less there is, the more it costs.

In general to understand how the history of the dog prices we can say that there are two types of factors that regulate them, internal factors and external factors. Internal factors are biological and innate factors in dogs that also affect any difficulties in reproducing but not only. I'm internal factors the size, fragility and adaptability of each dog, all features that make the difference. It should also be evaluated if the dog in question is subjected to a radical change of habitat, which could make it more sensitive and more likely to get sick.

Regarding the external factorsinstead, we are dealing with society and culture, with fashions and with the power of the means of communication. A classic example is the boom of Dalmatians on the occasion of the release of the film of The 101 Dalmatians, but it is not the only one, sometimes just one influencer buy a dog of a certain race because it then begins to depopulate without other particular reasons. These are often fashions that pass quickly and that sometimes lead some people to adopt a dog when they are not able to maintain it, in every sense, as a cost and as a daily commitment.

Most expensive dogs: Lowchen

Among the most expensive dogs we find the specimens of this breed, also known as “The little lion dog". It is not very well known as an animal, it is moderately small and with a balanced character, it is fine to keep at home, it would be a perfect companion for many elderly and non-old singles, except that it costs around 8,000 euros.

Most expensive dogs: Akita Inu

The price drops a bit if we have to buy theAkita inu, a dog originally from Japan with a noble bearing but famous for its courage. Its market value today is around 4,000 euros but in some countries such as Argentina and Spain it is considered a dangerous animal due to its excessively dominant temperament.

More expensive dogs: Rottweilers

Speaking of dangerous dogs, the Rottweiler, although at the same time it is one of the most loved breeds in the world. Many rely on him also because of his talent as a guardian: he is very intelligent and has a faithful and balanced character. Energetic and agile, but also friendly, he must be able to train very well because he undoubtedly has a strong dominant instinct. Its price is between 2,000 and 6,000 euros.

Most expensive dogs: Pharaon Hound

The Pharaon Hound it is expensive because it is an exotic and little known breed. Not that he's not a good dog but the reason for his high cost, approx 4,000-5,000 euros, is mainly linked to the law of the market. This dog is definitely very obedient and also pleasant in appearance, has triangular and pointed ears and a fine and elongated nose, both pink in color.

Most expensive dogs: Samoyed

Originally from Siberia, this dog has always been used to graze reindeer and pull sleds. It goes without saying that this is an energetic and agile dog with a wonderful coat of white fur that contrasts with the black lips almost ready to open in a smile. Because it is rare and because it is elegant, this dog is one of the most expensive ever, its price it exceeds 7,000 euros and can reach 8,000.

Most expensive dogs: English Bulldog

It doesn't cost much because it is rare but because it is much loved. I will be his lazy and clumsy air, it will be his sympathy, but this dog is one of the most popular on the market, he loves to play and is a great companion for those with children to entertain, Too bad it costs a lot, 7,000-7,500 euros.

More expensive dogs: Chow Chow

Classic example of a breed driven by fashion, this is the case of a dog from China but that depopulated in Europe and America. For many it is a beautiful animal, I find it ugly, but everyone has their own tastes. It is certainly an exotic dog used to living in extremely cold climates, so it could suffer a lot from the heat. Moreover it costs up to 7,000 euros.

More expensive dogs: Tibetan Mastiff

With its thick coat and elegant bearing, the Tibetan Mastiff it is a very popular dog also for its beautiful balanced, independent and affectionate character. It is a giant animal and costs a minimum of 5,000 euros.

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