Cherry stones to grow, eat and drink

Cherry stones to grow, eat and drink

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It is natural for everyone, or almost everyone, to throw cherry stones in the garbage certainly a bit annoyed that you can never taste a cherry without a seed. Let's try to think differently though, that is to understand instead of bothering ourselves, how to do it use these kernels to our advantage. I am asking you to do an exercise in imagination and creativity and I am sure it will bear good fruit, even if the seed is not planted in the ground.

The next time you enjoy fresh cherries, freshly picked or bought from the organic market, the next time you make a cherry jam or a cherry pie, put the cherry stones aside and do one of the activities that we now suggest here. It is about creative recycling to rediscover some manual skills, too, and to give our own anti-waste contribution always essential in the world. In fact, very often we are convinced that what we do in our lives does not affect the world balance but by now we have understood that this is not true at all and it is time to stop with this excuse to never do anything virtuous. Why not start with cherry pits?

Cherry stones to grow

If we keep the kernels, we have to wait for winter to be able to plant them and then still wait for the seed germination times, which can even be a year. Notice because someone could get discouraged not seeing anything appear, instead we must not give up but continue to believe that our cherry tree will sprout sooner or later and it will make room in our garden. In any season, our future cherry tree is to be watered, both in winter and in summer.

We can plant the stone in a jar a couple of centimeters from the surface, one of the obstacles that this recycling operation can encounter is linked to the fact that the germination of the cherry seed it is hampered by the hardness of the external surface of the core. How to do? With a very simple trick, by scratching the seed before planting it, we can really help our cherry stones live and grow into trees. Please note that this option for recycling requires a lot of patience, if you are not able or do not have the green thumb, better move on to another of the next ideas.

Cherry stones for the home

Maybe you already have one of those at home thermal pads with cherry stones, am I wrong? But we can make one ourselves with our stones in the shape and size we want. Think of the satisfaction of seeing it born in our hands, to keep or even to give as gifts, perfect for Christmas too. It starts by selecting natural fabrics such as linen, cotton or hemp, and filling them with cherry stones, it is not difficult but it is also important to take care of the details and the closure of the bag so that the seeds do not escape.

If we get along well with needle and thread and a kitchen machine we can also start creating puppets for children, always stuffed with pits, or mini puppets to decorate the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom. Very nice objects can come with a very natural heart.

Cherry stones to drink

With i cherry stones you can prepare a refreshing drink to sip at the same time, while we cook the cherry jam we worked on making them. Once the kernels have been collected, the very simple recipe tells us to dip them still hot in a liter of water, letting them cool, filter and add some ice and a few slices of lemon. Finished: then we just have to serve and enjoy.

Those who prefer grappa, on the other hand, have a more complex preparation to deal with but the result is excellent, it is worth it. For the grappa ai cherry stones we have to get a liter of good grappa, 500 grams of cherry stones, 350 grams of sugar and 250 grams of water. For over forty days we must let the cherry stones in a jar of grappa exposed to the sun so that it takes on the right flavor, then we can add a syrup obtained by mixing water and sugar to complete. In addition to grappa, there is also a liqueur to be prepared with cherry stones and I recommend that you take a look at this article and then experiment with the recipe that you will find revealed.

Cherry stones to eat

So far we have been drinking, now we start eating, with an ai sauce cherry stones which also sees in its ingredients some pitted cherries, fortified wine, potato starch and sugar. The result is a very tasty sauce that we can use to fill desserts and ice creams. On the table we can also serve a vinegar flavored with cherry stones that is prepared with stones and White wine vinegar.

Cherry stones for the person

Are there ways to reuse the cherry stones even more creative, imaginative and, one could say almost artistic. For example, they can also be used to make a bracelet with these completely natural beads. To drill the stones we can use a mini drill and the sandpaper will help us to smooth their surface. Similarly you can also create a neck band with cherry stones, proceeding a bit as for the bearing we saw in the first paragraphs. The shape and method of use changes, in this case the idea is to use the band as an anti-pain treatment thanks to the properties of the cherry stones, to be heated or cooled as needed.

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