Chocolate truffles: classic recipe and variations

Chocolate truffles: classic recipe and variations

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Recipe of chocolate truffles: how to do ichocolate trufflesclassics,chocolate and coconut truffles, chocolate and orange and recipe of filled chocolate truffles. Three recipes to surprise the palate.

To prepare therecipe of chocolate trufflesyou don't need cooking. You need few ingredients and the procedure is very easy, let's see the classic recipe first.

Chocolate truffles, original recipe

Thereoriginal recipe of chocolate trufflesiswithout butter, without margarineand especiallywithout eggs.

Ingredients to prepare about 50 chocolate truffles.

  • 500 g of dark couverture chocolate
    alternatively, you can use a bar of finely chopped dark chocolate
  • 1 g of pure vanilla dissolved in alcohol or a sachet of 3 g of vanilla
  • 45 ml of Maraschino
  • 180 gr of fresh cream
  • bitter cocoa, just enough for coeprtura

In the classic recipe, the use of Maraschino is foreseen, if you prefer ichocolate and rum truffles, you can very well replace the Maraschino with rum, you will get an even stronger liqueur flavor. Conversely, if you want a more delicate note, you can replace rum or Maraschino, with homemade cherry.

Herehow to make chocolate truffles:

  1. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler.
    If you have a thermometer in your kitchen, make sure that the temperature of the water you use to melt the chocolate does not exceed 95 °. The chocolate will have to melt slowly and sweetly, so turn it periodically with a wooden spoon and above all avoid melting it in the microwave where you have no control over the temperatures reached.
  2. When the chocolate has melted, whip it with a flat whisk (or planetary mixer) with vanilla (or vanillin), Maraschino (or rum) and pour the cream at room temperature slowly.
  3. Stir carefully until all the ingredients are combined.
  4. Transfer the enriched chocolate to a bowl and let it thicken, at room temperature, for at least 2 - 3 hours.
  5. Pick up the dough with your hands and create the classic flattened balls (typical shape of the classicchocolate truffle).
  6. Pour each ball into a bowl containing cocoa so as to cover the entire surface.

THEChocolate trufflesprepared with theoriginal recipe, can be stored in the refrigerator for 3 days.

Chocolate and orange truffles: recipe

To the ingredients seen with therecipe of chocolate trufflesyou will need to add:

  • 50 grams of orange peel

The finely chopped orange peel must be added when you combine the chocolate with vanilla and rum (or Maraschino), directly in the bowl of the mixer or before operating the electric whisk.

You can use natural orange peel (being careful to take only the orange part) or candied orange peel.

Chocolate truffles filled with hazelnuts

You will need chopped hazelnuts (chopped hazelnuts) and 50 whole hazelnuts.

How to do? When you do the classic shape of thechocolate truffle, mash it and, in the center, put a hazelnut. Replace the cocoa with chopped hazelnuts to cover thechocolate trufflewith chopped hazelnuts. The contrast between the bitter taste of dark chocolate and the sweetness of hazelnuts is very appreciated!

Chocolate and coconut truffles: recipe

In this case, you will have to replace the cocoa with coconut flour, so as to use it to individually coat each crushed ball ofchocolate truffle.

If you like the combinationchocolate and coconutyou can't miss the recipe of Ferrero Rocher with coconut (homemade raffaeollo). In the articleHomemade ferrore rocher, you will find, in the last paragraph, the recipe for making the old Ferroro Rocher with coconut at home, they were called Raffaello and they were very good! :)

To make the coconut flavor even more pronounced, you can accompany your ownchocolate and coconut truffleswith a soft coconut cream. The coconut cream is easy to prepare, just combine, in a heat-resistant saucepan: 50 g of sugar, 400 ml of coconut milk and 200 g of rice flour. With a whisk, mix throughout the cooking time until the watery part of the coconut milk evaporates and obtain the consistency you want. With this cream, you can both accompany thechocolate and coconut truffles, both modify the recipe and use the cream for a small filling.

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