Mimosa, plant and flower

Mimosa, plant and flower

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From tips for growing the mimosa tree (pruning, flowering, varieties, growing mimosa in pots ...) to the meaning of the flower in floral symbolism. This is what the women's flower symbolizes.

Mimosas for women's day

Beautiful and fragrant, the mimosas represent the symbol of women's day, which is celebrated on 8 March. They are certainly among the most fragrant and showy spring blooms in the green space. Below we will show you how to make cut mimosas last, how to dry them finally how to grow mimosa in pots…. but before:why do you give mimosas for women's day?

Thereasonmore accredited is not closely related to themeaning of mimosa in floral symbolism but it has a historical character.

Women's Day celebrated on 8 March serves to commemorate the social achievements made by women and to raise public awareness of the sexual discrimination that women still suffer today. The anniversary, however, is erroneously connected to a hypothetical fire that would have occurred in 1908 at oneimaginative factorynamed “Cottons”. There was a fire in which 123 women and 23 men died, but it happened in New York, on March 25, 1911, in the Triangle factory. The reconstructions saw the presence of onemimosa plantright next to the supposed Cottons factory. This historical reconstruction was later disproved by a group of feminists who carried out extensive research in the 1970s. Although this news has now been definitively denied, the mass media, still today, link thewomen's dayto a hypothetical fire. Instead of speaking of Women's Day as a "day in memory ... "women's day should be described asinternational dayin which iwomen's rights.

Mimosa, meaning of the flower

As stated, themeaning of the flowerit has nothing to do with the alleged fire story of the New York factory. According to an old custom, the American Indians gave a sprig of mimosa to the young girls who hadwon the heart.

ThereMimosaissymbolofstrength and vitality and therefore associated with thefemale strength.

Curiosity: the term "Mimosa”Is also used as a female name and, in addition, it represents the name of a star of the Southern Cross, which is 553 light years from the earth.

Mimosa, plant and flower

L'mimosa tree, scientifically known asAcacia dealbata, is highly prized for its abundant yellow blooms. Thisplantit has silvery green leaves, linear with full margin.

For thedescription of the leaveswe refer to the text of Wikipedia, which cites, the leaves are:"Parallelinervies, arranged in 8-20 pairs of pinnules perpendicular to the branch and in turn composed of about 20-30 pairs of leaflets perpendicular to the main rib."

THEmimosa flowersthey are gathered in globose heads of an intense yellow color. THEmimosa flowersI'm veryscentedand develop in the axil of the leaves.

Mimosa, flowering

Theflowering period of mimosafalls between February and March.

March 8, the day known internationally as "women's day”The mimosa is easy to find and most likely, also for this reason that suchflowerhas become symbol of women's day.

How to make cut mimosas last

If you have received as a gift mimosas, there are strategies to make them last longer. The cut mimosasUnfortunately, they do not have a great duration, which is why we give you some indications to extend their life:

  • remove, with a sharp knife, the damaged leaves and those growing in the lower part of the twigs.
  • To make even the buds not yet blossomed of the cut sprig bloom, fill the vase with warm water adding a few drops of lemon so as to lower the pH.
  • Place the pot in a bright place, but not in full sun and especially away from radiators and other heat sources.

Forpreserve the cut mimosasyou can use thedrying. How to dry mimosas? Following the guide that we offer you.

How to dry mimosas

  • Collect the mimosas in the late morning.
  • Preferably choose a sunny day, and cut off the driest branches.
  • Make sure that the branches to be cut are perfectly intact and dry.
  • Remove all leaves from the stems.
  • Hang the mimosa bouquet upside down until it is completely dry.

The drying must take place in a dry, ventilated but not windy environment. Not in full sun but in a well-ventilated and bright room.

How to grow mimosa in pots

The cultivation of mimosa in pots it's possible? Yes, it is possible growing mimosas in pots.

Therecultivation of mimosa in pots does not require special knowledge; they are quite resistant and if well positioned they can be successfully cultivated even by those without a green thumb. Here are some recommendations:

  • Prefer bright environments, also taking care to protect them from the cold and drafts: for specimens kept outdoors, a climate that is not too rigid is recommended, given their tropical origin
  • In the northern Italian regions, place the pots away from the cold during the winter.
  • To prevent root rot from forming, make sure that the substrate in which to grow the mimosas is well drained and has a neutral or slightly acidic pH.
  • For plants planted in garden pots, repotting every two years: this practice is necessary to guarantee the space in which to develop
  • Make a regular fertilization, to be suspended in the winter.

Mimosa is also an excellent garden plant, although in the northernmost regions of Italy the cold can be an obstacle to its cultivation. Therecultivation in pots it allows, therefore, to be able to move the plant in a more sheltered environment during the winter season.

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