Flowers that bloom in autumn and winter

Flowers that bloom in autumn and winter

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Flower garden in autumn and winter with plants that love the cold. Who said i flowers do they bloom only in spring and summer? In nature there are a large number of species a autumn and winter flowering, in this article we will list the most beautiful ones.

Not only in the garden, the plants that we will indicate are shrubs and, with a few more precautions, they can also be grown in pots. Some shrub plants have the characteristic of showing off the simultaneous presence of dried flowers and twigs, others, however, are evergreenso as to offer beautiful vegetation even when inAutumndeciduous plants lose their leaves. After flowering, the shrubs produce small fruits, often very ornamental berries. Between flowers and fruits, your garden will never be devoid of colors, even in autumn and winter.

Flowers that bloom in autumn and winter

1. Osmanthus

This evergreen shrubblooms in autumnwith flowers with an intense fragrance. It can be used to create hedges, borders or to give a touch of color to gardens andbalconies. It resists low winter temperatures and wants an alkaline, soft, deep, rich and sandy soil.

Information and photos in our dedicated article: Osmanthus, plant and cultivation.

2. Slowness

There are at least 120 species of this genus. Give small white flowers collected in natural bouquets. It is ideal for making hedges thatthey bloom in the winter months. After flowering, the plant produces bluish berries. It prefers a temperate climate but resists the cold.


3. Daphne

It grows well in partial shade areas. Offers colorful and vibrant flowers. Its root system is rather delicate so it must be planted very carefully and above all it must be irrigated regularly. It resists the cold well and wants an acid reaction soil, not clayey but moist and rich. For information and photos:irrigation of acidophilic plants.

4. Clerodendron

It does not like growing in pots so avoid growing it on the terrace or balcony. It should be displayed in a sunny area and also blooms in the autumn season (depending on the species).


5. Sarcococca

This evergreen shrub has Asian origins. It grows well in shady or only partially sunny areas: it does not like direct sun!It blooms in the winterand survives both the frosts and the climate of Northern Italy.

6. Lonicera

There are several species, so much so that different species can be planted to obtain blooms in different seasons, includingautumn and winter. Its white flowers and green berries can color the garden for the whole year.


7. Erica (click on the link for more info and photos)

Its particular flowers are beautiful and can color the garden with abundantautumn and winter blooms. If grown in the south, it prefers a shady position while those who grow it in northern Italy would do well to expose it in full sun. It prefers an acidic and iron-rich soil, not calcareous (so be careful of the water you use for irrigation) and with sand and peat. It can color the garden but also ibalconiesin autumn and winter.

8. Calicanto (click on the link for more info and photos)

Those with a lot of space in the garden can host a calicanthus. It tolerates any temperature well and is appreciated for its small flowers that sprout directly on the bare twigs, even if covered with snow. Calicanthus flowers are extremely fragrant. It blooms in late autumn and flowering continues throughout the winter.

9. Witch hazel (click on the link for more info and photos)

It is a very hardy and hardy plant. It can also be grown in mountain areas and its yellow flowers stand out immediately in the snow.

10. Edgeworthia

For its name, it looks like a very demanding shrub and… it is: it needs constant irrigation and also some thinning work. It is a shrub with a great visual impact because it is loaded with white and yellow flowers. It is among the plants aautumn floweringto keep in the garden. It should be exposed in sunny positions but does not tolerate severe frosts very well. The flowers are the ones shown in the photo above.

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