Garden roses, which ones to choose

Garden roses, which ones to choose

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Garden roses: to create a bush, a hedge or simple flower spaces. Variety and photos.

If we want cultivatea rose bush, among which types ofrosegarden we can choose? Well, in fact you have free fields because there are thousands ofrosedifferent, created by nature or selected by man over the centuries. All thegarden rosesthey have their own charm, you just needto choosecarefully the variety best suited to the different needs of cultivation.

Design a border or a flowerbed of rose it may seem like a difficult task but, if you know the different ones variety of roses and their particular development needs, the business will become very simple.

Variety of hybrid roses

Existrosefor anygardenand for every taste. Currently, ihybrid roses - variety of roses selected by man - eight subgroups belong to this large group, we are talking about:

  • hybrids of Tea
  • floribunda roses
  • the ground cover roses
  • park roses
  • the sarmentose roses
  • liana roses
  • climbing roses
  • miniature roses

With the great variety ofroseavailable, you can choose the variety more suited to your needs: if you want to make a border of roses or one low bush hedge, you will need a "rose bush”Which creates a low and dense cushion… On the contrary, if you want to delimit an area with gods taller rose bushes, to get an effect fromhedge, you will need a type of rose capable of occupying a large area and perhaps even reaching 1.60 meters in height!

Bush or hedge garden roses

It is about variety of roses that grow to bushes of great vigor and that can reach considerable heights, perfect for making one hedge of garden roses. These bush roses, for growing flowering hedges, are generally referred to as park roses.

The park roses they are ideal for large spaces as they form intense shrubs that can occupy up to 2 square meters of land, these roses give colorful corollas. Among the varieties of park roses, for grow bushes or hedges order, we recommend the Andromeda, the Rush, Sally Holmes and the Westerland roses.

If you wantgrow a rose bushcolorful and fragrant, you can plant different varieties at close range. For example, in the photo above, the Sourire d’orchidee variety (a climbing variety with fragrant white flowers) was planted with hybrid roses with simpler, pink flowers.

Garden roses,variety to be cut

Referred to by experts as HT, these are human-selected hybrids that produce large flowers from 10 to 15 cm in diameter. These are roses with very double, elegant and sometimes even fragrant petals. Each stem typically ends with a single flower that offers long life both on the plant and cut. Being the roselong lasting, it is advisable to cultivate them only to be cut to decorate the house with flowers. Among the hybrid Tea roses we point out the Accademia, the Etruscan, the Joy and the Just Joey rose.

Garden roses, variety for bushes and borders

They can cover large surfaces creating bushesvery low. If in the previous paragraph we have indicated varieties capable of creatingbushestall orhedges, in this paragraph we point outgarden roses for low bushes. Let's talk about hybrid roses "ground cover”Almost ground cover. They have an exuberant vegetation, with a prostrate bearing, able to create low bushes and borders for flower beds. Among these we point out thevariety of roses Flashdance, The fairy, Red Meidiland and Tesorino.

Fragrant garden roses

There are many varieties of scented roses. The more fragrant roses they are the natural ones but there is no shortage of hybrids selected for their intense fragrance.

Betweennewer varietieswe point out the bush FloribundaSouvenir de Gilles Velleneuve (pictured). Presented in Monza in 2012. Presentsvery fragrant rosesand very particular (they are mottled). Who prefersold roses to be cultivated freely, with the classic shrubby and not bushy habit, we recommend the Villosa Duplex variety.

Climbing garden roses

Thevariety of climbing rosesthey are perfect to grow close to a wall, a railing or a gate. Among the varieties ofclimbing roseswith large fragrant flowers, we point out the variety Fruhlingsmorgen. Another climbing rose is Teasing Georgia, selected for its fragrant flowers and the resistance of the shrub.

Betweenclimbing garden roses, able to cover even the highest gates (it can go up to 4 meters), there is the Sourire d’orchidee variety with mother-of-pearl white flowers with a diameter of 6 cm and an intense aroma. The Sourire d’orchidee variety is also suitable for those who wantgrow rose bushes.

Remontant garden roses

Theremontant roses, botanically known as floribunda roses(floribunda is a Latin term that emphasizes the multiple flowering of this group of roses)they spread around 1900. The variety is shown in the photo aboverebloomingCity of York,with large white flowers. Lots of varieties are listed on the pageExtremely remontant roses, where we collected thenames of remontant garden rosesthey offerbloomslonger.

Theremontant rosesthey need some extra attention when it comes to pruning. For all the details, I refer you to the guide "how to grow remontant roses ".

Fertilizer for garden roses

To ensurebloomsfragrant, rich, long-lasting and abundant, you must never neglect fertilization. Also in this case, I refer you to an in-depth guide:how to fertilize roses.

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