Dawn phrases and songs

Dawn phrases and songs

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Phrases about dawn, about a time of day when you don't always want to talk. Silence, perhaps, is the best quote to do at dawn, unless you are observing it from a particularly panoramic and fascinating place. As he remembers Raymond Carver, "There is nothing more beautiful than the beauty of the woods before dawn" but he is also right Alda Merini: “Every dawn has its doubts”.

Dawn phrases and songs

Let's hear what they say two Italian singers at dawn, on which Jovanotti wrote a song entitled "L’alba".

Only the cynics and cowards do not wake up at dawn. (Francesco Guccini)
And my teacher taught me how difficult it is to find dawn within dusk. (Franco Battiato)

Dawn is already here / as normal as it is to see her return / enlightens me with novelty / gives me a chance / the crystal slipper / that you have lost a night in the race / you can wait for someone to look for you / or continue barefoot / into the moon that lights up as a reflection / there is a part that always remains dark / there are those who say that it is the part where it is now / and nature reveals itself forever. (Jovanotti).

Phrases about sunrise at the sea

Sunrise at the sea is certainly one of the most suggestive to observeand, over the years, it has inspired everyone, even many authors and thinkers.

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you / Don't go back to sleep. (Rumi)
I embraced the summer dawn. Nothing was still moving in the front of the buildings. The water was dead. The shadow fields did not leave the forest road. I walked, awakening the warm, warm breaths, and the stones looked, and the wings rose noiselessly. The first undertaking was, in the path already full of fresh and dull splendor, a flower that told me its name. (Arthur Rimbaud)
Everyone dreams to himself, so much he knows that in the dawn he will open his eyes wide. (Cesare Pavese)

Phrases about sunrise and sunset

Associated with sunset, sunrise gives the idea of ​​a continuous cycle, the one we all witness and that can lead us to reflect on how to feed routines or how to break them.

You can't touch dawn if you haven't walked the paths of the night. (Kahlil Gibran)
This is another soothing aspect of nature: its immense beauty is there for everyone. Nobody can think of taking a sunrise or sunset home with them. (Tiziano Terzani)
When a sunrise or sunset no longer gives us emotions, it means that the soul is sick.(Roberto Gervaso)
The road of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which increases its splendor until noon. (Solomon)
It is getting darker just before dawn (Thomas Fuller)

Beautiful dawn phrases

It is difficult to choose phrases about dawn that are better than others, each in its own way touches intimate chords that give way to indescribable thoughts and feelings from time to time. There are those who have described them like this.

You can wake up very early at dawn, but your destiny woke up half an hour before you. (African proverb)
There is a moment in each dawn when the light is suspended; a magical moment where anything can happen. Creation holds its breath. (Douglas Adams)
To all it is due the morning, to some the night. The light of dawn is only a select few. (Emily Dickinson)
It is the time when things lose the consistency of shadow that accompanied them in the night and gradually regain their colors, but in the meantime they pass through like an uncertain limbo, barely touched and almost haloed by the light: the hour when less one is sure of the existence of the world (Italo Calvino)
Dawn has its own mysterious grandeur that is made up of a residual dream and a principle of thought. (Victor Hugo)
Not knowing when dawn will come / I leave every door open. (Emily Dickinson)

Romantic dawn phrases

For romantic phrases about dawn, I leave the floor to the immense poet Pablo Neruda with his "One hundred love sonnets". The edition with the Spanish text opposite can also be purchased on Amazon for 10 euros.

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