How to clean brushes and combs

How to clean brushes and combs

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How to clean brushes and combs: Instructions for disinfecting and thoroughly cleaning the comb and hairbrush. Advice on what to do even in case of head lice.

Combs and hairbrushesthey are tools that we use on a daily basis and, like other objects intended for personal care, toobrushes and combsthey should be washed on a regular basis. Especially when it comes to onehairbrush (richer in bristles than the classic comb), hygiene should never be neglected: brushes tend to accumulate hair. After all, their role is that: brushing and pulling away fragile hair to restore healthy, strong and tidy hair.

The problem is that our hair is not always very clean: gel residues, foams, hairspray but also smog residues, cooking fumes… these are all elements that inevitably end up in the bristles of the hairbrushes. The same brush, if not clean, will eventually accumulate dirt that will discharge, in small doses, even on clean hair. Creepy right? To avoid this, there are excellent strategies forto cleanand if necessary disinfect the hair brush.

How to clean brushes and combs

The remedies shown on this page are valid for both plastic and wooden instruments, both for brushes and combs and above all, both for brushes with real bristles (usually boar) and with brushes with synthetic bristles (usually a plastic polymer) .

How to remove hair from the brush

First you have to remove all hair residues from the brushes and combs. To facilitate this operation, you can use a special tool that has a sort of semi-flexible “long claws” which, interposing between the bristles of the brush, can remove old hair.

In supermarkets, these tools are not easy to find, however by taking advantage of online shopping you are spoiled for choice. Among the tools with the best valuequality priceI point out (from positive personal experience) a rather anonymous but very functional "brush cleaner". You can buy it on Amazon at a price of 10.14 euros with free shipping costs. For all product info, I refer you to this page:Clean black brush.

How to wash and disinfect brushes and combs

If hair removal is an operation that should be carried out frequently (especially for those with long hair), brush washing may see longer intervals.

To clean and disinfect your brushes well, prepare a mixture of water and bicarbonate and let the brushes and combs soak for 30 minutes, then rinse and let dry.

In case of an inflamed scalp, eczema, mycosis of the scalp, psoriasis… It might be more appropriate to wash the brush directly with hydrogen peroxide.

How to clean the brush from lice

Head lice are a real plague to be treated with special hair products. The lice problem must be eliminated in a capillary way, leaving nothing to chance. Therefore, it is advisable for all family members to shampoo themselves with the appropriate anti-parasitic shampoo. The brushes can also be washed with the same shampoo. If the brush is plastic, forclean it from liceyou can leave it to soak for several hours in boiling water. In fact, lice, larvae and eggs could nest between the bristles of the brushes, so this operation must be performed promptly so as not to procrastinate the problem.

As an alternative to boiling water, not recommended if you have a brush with real bristles or a wooden handle, you can take advantage of a longer but equally effective treatment. Close thebrush to clean from licein a plastic bag. Tighten the knot firmly until it is hermetically sealed, letting out excess air.

Leave thebrush to cleanin the bag for at least three weeks. Lice, deprived of oxygen and nourishment, will perish. Once the brush has been removed from the bag, remove the residual hair and wash it as explained in the previous paragraphs.

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