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Plants in a box

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Plants in boxes, a nice idea to have some green at hand, in addition to that in the garden or to replace it if we don't have one in the garden at the moment. It is not a fashion, that of canned plants, but an increasingly widespread practice, which has always been sustainable and which involves every type of green lover. From the green thumb to the first experience grower. Let's see the advantages, some tips and the many ways to use them at their best, in all seasons.

Plants in boxes: advantages

Those who want the garden and do not have it, or if they have it, do not have time to take care of it as they would like but still want a corner of greenery, perhaps of a smaller size, to take care of. Fragrant, colorful, aromatic, lively. It is the dream of many, even unacknowledged, it is the need of those who stay at home for many hours, to spend them cultivating, but also of those who come back tired and relax perhaps reading the newspaper on the balcony wrapped in their own plants.

There are no predefined mixes, and this is a great advantage of canned plants: they allow you to create modular mini gardens that adapt to climatic conditions as well as to the tastes of those who have to take care of them. And then there are also the different orientations and the different exposures of the balcony in which we arrange these plants in boxes that can suggest us which species of flowers and herbs to prefer.

Plants in boxes: tips

Better a few but good: it is not always valid but in the case of canned plants it is worth it. Sometimes, taken by enthusiasm, you risk filling your terrace with too many different plants and then having a hard time taking care of them. Instead, it is better to focus, especially if you are at the beginning, with a few types, to try to understand how to make them green for a long time.

If we have more terraces, we dedicate those facing south-east south-west to box plants. Plants such as tomatoes, peppers and chillies, eggplant, strawberries and basil, sage, mint, parsley, chives, oregano, rosemary and lavender require full sun. There are other plants that are better off when the sun is not too much. This, for example, applies to cutting salads, spinach, beets and green beans, or to mint that loves semi-shaded areas.

Plants in boxes: a perfect gift idea for Christmas

At Christmas, when all or many are convinced that they will not be able to see some lush green until March, at least, why not surprise those we love with plants in a gift box? Of course it is an original idea, pleasant even for those who are not obsessed with the green because it is not too demanding. You are not giving away a 10 m2 vegetable garden but a small corner of green from the terrace.

And then it is customizable: we can dedicate a particular plant to each relative or friend. To friend, sage, brother-in-law who loves pesto, basil, aunt, mint, and girlfriend, a beautiful flower that blooms in winter, and so on.

Among the plants that give satisfaction in winter, we find the beautiful pansies and horned ones which are varieties of annuals and bloom in the sun for months and even in the presence of frost. In order not to risk, in any season, however, we try to arrange our plants in boxes in a place sheltered from the currents and with one side close to a wall. There are those who then decide to set up a small greenhouse for the winter.

Plants in boxes: EcoCube

Without going crazy, to give quality plants in boxes and at the same time that do not put in difficulty that receives them due to management complications, we can immediately focus on EcoCube. These are canned plants placed in a wooden container in which there is a special nutritional granulate. The seeds are placed there, when we open the package we just have to water them and the seedlings grow after a few days.

For a gift, whether it's for Christmas or birthday, or for yourself on any day, you can choose from various types of canned plants, from strawberries to lavender, from shamrocks to aloe.

It is also a suitable idea for children who, with ECoCube, immediately begin to understand how much fun it is to grow and the satisfaction of taking care of a plant.

Each EcoCube box is a cube with a 7.5 cm edge, among the plants we find today coffee, strawberries, violets, forget-me-nots, lavender, aloe vera, clover, sunflower, palm, roses. For more information and to buy it, you can visit the dedicated page of

If you are looking for other gifts to buy online, offers you many other ideas, presented by product categories, at very interesting prices.

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