How to wash the bathroom

How to wash the bathroom

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How to wash the bathroom, from the floor to the surfaces. How to disinfect the toilet and many tips to remove limescale, clean joints and tiles.

Not only toilets, windows and floors, delbathroomall coated surfaces, including tiles, must be cleaned. I know it's bad to hear but ...a daily cleaning can ensure maximum hygiene and any risk of limescale build-up. Come on, let's put on gloves and start the clean bathroom operation!

How to wash the bathroom

Thelimestoneis the number one enemy of the bathroom. It layers on any surface and to eliminate it, you can usenatural remedieslike pure vinegar that must be left to soak when the limestone has now stratified. For daily hygiene, just wipe all the surfaces at risk with a cloth soaked in vinegar and then dry.

The same treatment should be reserved forshower head, to the column and to the hose for the water passage.

This is the general rule to prevent and eliminate limescale deposits, now let's move on to the real work, component by component. Before starting to wash any surface, wipe the floor with Swiffer (or any other electrostatic cloth).

How to disinfect the toilet

Thewaterit must be washed inside and out, you will have to use a disinfectant, even better if a surgical medical device. For remove that annoying dark patina that forms on the bottom of the toilet, you can use the classic bleach (sodium hypochlorite). To prevent its formation, there are special dispensers to attach to the edge of the toilet which, among other things, are also disinfectants.

Also clean the toilet seat and do not leave the surfaces wet, especially if they have metal hinges.

Remember that, periodically, the toilet brush should also be disinfected by leaving it to soak in bleach.

Forclean the toiletin a natural way, you can use a paste given by sodium bicarbonate and vinegar, spread it on the internal and external walls of the toilet, let it act and wash by rubbing well with a soft sponge.

How to clean the shower cubicle

It is easier than you can imagine, from woman to woman ... you only need the right product! I live in a house facing the sea and ... how nice you say but when there is wind salt and sand end up on my windows even if they are on the seventh floor. Initially I cleaned the external windows of the balcony but the result was not very long lasting ... so I turned to a cleaning company and they can clean my windows with guaranteed results for 20 days, despite saltiness, rain or storms. What does all this have to do with the shower cubicle? The company, which specializes in window cleaning, usessilicone based productsthat prevent any dirt (including limescale) from depositing on the glass… in practice the detergent they use creates a repellent film that keeps the glass clean for a long time…. So I have found that these products can be a blessing in regards to thecleaning the shower box!

On the market, among the useful products that can have repellent effects against limestone or soap residues, I can point out thoseQuasar, the cleaning company does not use these but has confirmed to me that the Quasar line is very close to the formulation of their professional products ... The glass of the shower box, and this I can confirm, remains clean for several days.

Where to buy it? In the most well-stocked supermarkets or by taking advantage of online shopping. For all the info, I refer you to the page ofQuasar on Amazon.

Note that Quasar has a line for washing anything ... I have not tried other products but only the one for glass and shower stalls, so I can't tell you anything about the effectiveness of the others ... in any case, alternatively, vinegar is also excellent clean the shower cubicle, the only drawback is that its effect does not prevent limescale deposits.

Other important indications for keeping the shower box clean:

  • Once a month, remove the limescale from the aerator and shower head
  • Wash the shower tray and rinse well to remove any detergent residues.

How to wash the bidet and the sink

The bidet should be washed every day, use a cloth with a couple of drops of disinfectant detergent or, here too, vinegar can be useful.

Once a year, remember to clean and whiten the joints. Like? With iremedies to clean tile and floor joints.



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