Facial biostimulation: side effects

Facial biostimulation: side effects

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There facial biostimulation is a technique that improves the elasticity and texture of the skin, is minimally invasive and manages to increase the tone of the skin tissue by counteracting the action of free radicals. It gives usually visible and rather immediate results.

Facial biostimulation: what it is

We can also hear her calling biorevitalization, a name that better illustrates the reasons why this technique is used. It is part of the new trends that are beginning to be proposed and used in the aesthetic medicine sector for recover damage to the skin, due to age, or to keep the skin young. What happens in the facial biostimulation, is the reconstruction or reorganization of the internal structure of the skin.

Facial photobiostimulation

The prefix "photo" makes light the protagonist. In fact in this technique to activate the cells are used non-caloric light pulses. In this way it is possible to stimulate with light, a process of enhancement of skin cell activity, collagen and elastin cells are produced in greater quantities and you have the photorejuvenation.

To carry out the photobiostimulation you need panels of light emitting diodes (LEDs), light that is always at low intensity, the subcutaneous layers absorb it and it stimulates cell activity and metabolism. The result is younger and more luminous skin, or a slowing of the skin aging process, this time in a non-invasive way, because it is “only” light.

Do-it-yourself face biostimulation

After applying a local anesthetic cream to reduce the slight discomfort of infiltration - however generally well tolerated - the doctor proceeds to inject the useful substances (the most used are hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids precursors of collagen and elastin, PDRN and botulinum toxin) immediately below the epidermis of the wrinkle with a very thin disposable needle. Biostimulation it is not a do-it-yourself technique

Facial biostimulation: side effects

The intervention of biostimulation of the face does not last even an hour, very often too less than 45 minutes and it does not carry aftermath that force one to remain still or closed or "sick". It can happen, to those with sensitive skin, that a slight redness, it is rare but it can happen that very small bruises appear but disappear in maximum 2 days.

Facial biostimulation: how many sessions

Very depends on the skin situation from which we start with this treatment and the results we want to obtain. However, even if you plan a thousand sessions, you shouldn't get the result you get with cosmetic surgery.

There facial biostimulation it is in fact recommended when there is relaxation of the tissues, dry, hypotonic or opaque skin, or when desired correct the finest wrinkles. In general, even just after a session, you get a more youthful and luminous skin, an air that is generally more relaxed.

Facial biostimulation: results

Some results are immediately visible and remain for a few months, maximum 5, to date, then you can repeat the treatment if you are satisfied.

After just one session the effects are of deep hydration, stimulation of collagen and contrasting the action of free radicals.

Facial biostimulation: costs

Even for a single session, a few hundred euros must be taken into account and it is important to carefully choose the facilities in which to carry out this treatment. There are precautions to take, for example avoiding biostimulation on areas where there are infections or inflammatory processes, acne or herpes. In general, it is also a technique not recommended for skin that is too mature and with many wrinkles.

Facial biostimulation: best-selling products

This is one of the best-selling products online and that have been successful face brush by Imetec for 61 euros, for facial cleansing, which cleanses and exfoliates the skin making her come back bright and hydrated. This device can be used at home, every day, even in the shower.

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