The five commandments for making a 'healthy' purchase

The five commandments for making a 'healthy' purchase

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The rush and lack of information are bad allies when it comes to shopping, since they prevent the nutritional information of processed foods from being reviewed, something essential to know what to eat.

In addition, the continuous appearance of new products with better properties or foods with modified characteristics, for example, with less fat or with added calcium, adds more difficulties to the task of making the purchase.

For this reason, the Zagros Sports nutritionist, Beatriz Corral, has revealed five tricks to go to the supermarket and buy the healthiest products:

1. Read all the nutritional information.

Food labeling often plays with the omission of information. The clearest example is found in "light" products because, although it is true that they have a lower amount of fat, they contain more sugar than a product not labeled as low in calories.

Thus, the label does not lie, but omits that other macronutrients are found in a higher proportion. For this reason, it is important to read the entire Nutrition Facts table on the reverse side and establish an accurate judgment about which foods are most beneficial.

2. Distinguish the grain from the chaff.

Faced with the exaltation of the advertising of the components of the products for sale, we must know how far the truth that they sell us reaches. In many cases, highlighting the ingredients or qualities of the products goes hand in hand with an exaggeration that does not correspond to reality.

3. Avoid the marketing that surrounds the products.

Products that are sold as healthier or better for the functioning of the body are usually accompanied by images of people in shape or exercising, a health image aimed at reinforcing the idea that their purchase only remits benefits.

4. Compare with the competition.

It is a very popular practice to highlight the few calories that the products have. Below 100 calories per 100 grams of product, we consider it to be a low-calorie food and, therefore, beneficial to health. For this reason, it is important to stay informed and compare the nutritional values ​​of foods consumed daily.

5. Know the legal ins and outs.

The information that appears on food packaging is regulated by law. This will be our guarantee that all products have been labeled in the correct way and we can find in them the adequate nutritional information to build our own map of the foods that are really healthy and agree with our organism.


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