Electric buses, pilot plan in Costa Rica

Electric buses, pilot plan in Costa Rica

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With the aim of reducing pollution and taking a step towards decarbonizing the economy, a pilot plan for electric buses will be launched in Costa Rica in 2019 in the capital San José.

According to official figures, the transport sector is responsible for 61 percent of hydrocarbon consumption in Costa Rica, a small country of 4.7 million inhabitants in which almost 1.7 million vehicles circulate on the roads.

The initiative will be possible thanks to the agreement signed this Wednesday by the Government with the German Cooperation for Development (GIZ), the Costa Rica-United States Foundation for Cooperation (CRUSA), the United Nations Environment Program, as well such as Costa Rican NGOs, state institutions, bus companies and banks.

Initially, with a donation from the German Government through GIZ and the CRUSA foundation, three buses and charging stations will be put into operation.

The pilot plan, which will cost USD 2.5 million, will evaluate the performance of the new electric buses on the streets of the city with the idea of ​​expanding this environment-friendly transport in the future.

"For Costa Rica, it is essential to generate a change in transportation to achieve our commitment to the Paris Agreement, and the paradigm shift towards decarbonizing the global economy," said the Minister of Environment and Energy, Carlos Rodríguez, at an official event. .

By 2030, if Costa Rica manages to change 25% of its bus fleet for these new hydrogen vehicles, it would be avoiding the emission of 389 tons of CO2, which translates into savings of $ 316 million in conventional fuels.

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