A luxury house built with containers

A luxury house built with containers

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Meet this luxurious 134 square meter house built by River & Rain architects using four shipping containers.

It is located in the capital of Bangladesh and consists of three floors: on the ground floor is the dining room and other furniture on a platform or wooden deck that connects to another container in which the kitchen, a bathroom and a multimedia room are located. ; it also has a service area at the rear.

The bedrooms and living room are located on the highest floors. From the first floor, wooden stairs connect to the living room built with glass walls that reveal the beautiful landscape that surrounds the house. Other stairs lead to the third floor that corresponds to the third container, where the two rooms are; one of them has a viewing terrace.

The containers at the top have a green roof and can be reached by spiral staircases.

The central part of the house has an almond tree and several vines hanging from the ceiling that soften the harsh lines of the containers.

The furniture in the house is made of wood and other recyclable materials and it also has multiple glass lamps hanging from the ceiling.

This house has a robust and spacious structure and some architectural details such as the floating platforms, the interlocking stairs and the location of each container make it unique and striking.

Building a house with containers and recycled material not only favors the environment but also the architecture of this keeps the house fresh during the day and at night the wood helps to maintain the temperature of the environment.

This type of construction also shows us that the ecological can coexist with luxury and elegance. Its style, location and architecture perfectly combine closed spaces with the outskirts, creating harmony and comfort without altering the environment.

The glass walls in the rooms allow the entry of natural light, reducing electricity consumption, and the green roof, which can be used for cultivation, also extracts CO2 from the air, absorbs heat, reduces pollution, allows a habitat to diverse creatures and isolate noise.

By Andrea Vivas

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