Build a grass bed for your patio

Build a grass bed for your patio

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Lovers of the good life outdoors, this is for you. A tutorial to build a lawn bed in your garden and rest peacefully.

Jason Hodges, is the creator of the idea, gardener of the Australian television program Better Homes & Gardens. In the video he shows how to make this grass bed with pillows and headboard.

Many houses currently have little space in their gardens, hopefully they have a patio or terrace made of concrete, brick or tile, leaving little space to install a lawn folder.

This fun idea will allow you to lie down in the cool of the grass or have an original picnic.

The bed starts with a four-sided base of the size you want. You will need to join the boards firmly.

Then you will build a plank with boards next to each other.

Usually the beds have a backrest. In this design it is intended as a container to plant some flowers. Basically it is a box with its top open to fill with soil and plant the species you have chosen. We recommend some insect repellent plants to make you more comfortable in your green bed.

Continuing with the bed, you must install 4 more boards that stand out with the function of containing the earth and the grass.

The finishes are at your discretion, you can use more ornamental planks, paint the boards, etc.

Before laying the soil, you will need to protect the wood with a geotextile and thick nylon to contain the soil.

We recommend a slight incline of the bed to ensure drainage when it rains or when you water.

Once the garden soil is in, you simply rake it level and flatten it a bit.

It only remains to sow the grass of your choice, or even better for quick results, you can implant grass loaves or carpets.

Finally, decorate with pillows, blankets or whatever you prefer.

Note: you can also use pallets to build your bed and you will be reusing

Your grass bed is ready! You can now use it anytime you want.

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