Canada focuses its dietary guidelines on vegetables and reduces dairy consumption

Canada focuses its dietary guidelines on vegetables and reduces dairy consumption

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In its new diet guide, Canada has dropped the daily dose of dairy products as it appears that it would not be necessary for a healthy diet.

The Canada Food Guide provides Canadians with nutritional advice for optimal health. But the new changes introduced amaze everyone. The new food categories mean that, on the one hand, vegans and vegetarians are very satisfied with the changes, while the milk entrepreneurs are upset.

Goodbye to milk

The new modifications encourage consumers to eat more plant-based foods, which are rich in nutrients.

These changes in eating habits are supported by several studies that conclude that replacing animal proteins with plant-based proteins can help improve longevity and decrease your chances of contracting diseases.

It should be noted that the category of cow's milk completely disappears from the recommendations, while legumes are described for their nutritional value superior to animal products.

It reaffirms the importance of whole foods in replacement of refined ones.

The new guide recognizes that our food system is inextricably linked to our environment, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, soil degradation, decreased water quality and availability, and loss of wildlife.

By reducing animal products, it has also been shown that the impact of the carbon footprint on the environment is reduced.

Other changes

The latest edition removes many standard items, such as food groups, changes serving sizes, and the recommendation that 100% fruit juice can substitute for whole fruits was removed.

He also recommends drinking a lot more water as an essential drink and not as much juice or milk.

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