Lungomare Stabiese clean thanks to the work of a volunteer, Andrea Lambiase

Lungomare Stabiese clean thanks to the work of a volunteer, Andrea Lambiase

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Today we tell you a beautiful story, that of Andrea Lambiase, a person to whom all the inhabitants of Castellammare di Stabia owe a lot and who in recent years has been a example of dedication and industriousness for the Stabiesi and for all the people who every day enjoy the beauty of Stabiese waterfront.

Reading his story we also hope that the mayor of Castellamare di Stabia can take action to find a permanent job to offer to Andrea, who has certainly deserved over the years!

Andrea Lambiase is the example of the person who does not give up and who even when others pull back "does not give up" and continues in his work as a volunteer from which the whole community can benefit.

Andrea Lambiase is an example of industriousness and dedication that many people should be inspired by: thanks to him, the Lungomare Stabiese on the beach is constantly cleaned of various kinds of waste scattered daily by people with no sensitivity to the environment and to the community.

Here is his story, straight from his story ...

"My name is Andrea Lambiase, I'm a former worker of Fincantieri of Castellammare di Stabia. Unfortunately 10 years ago there was a major cut in personnel in the shipyard's related industries and I was one of those who lost their job resulting mysteriously and without motivation still today "unwanted" by the plant, along with many other people.

After some time from my dismissal together with two friends, chatting on the stabiese promenade and looking at what state the beach in front of it was in, we decided a bit in protest but above all with a lot of love for our city to put ourselves to work in first person to clean up the beach.

It was May 2010 and armed with rakes, shovels, gloves and wheelbarrows, we began to dedicate our time to the beach, carefully sifting the surface of what had become an open-air dump.

Time passed, many noticed our work and gradually many other citizens, students, retirees or those who simply wanted to do something nice for their city joined us.

We realized that we were growing and that we had everyone's consent, so we decided to create a real voluntary association called "Clean Stabiese Beach". We documented all the activities carried out with photos and videos, subsequently published on the You Tube platform and on a Facebook page called with the same name as the association.

Andrea Lambiase admires the result of his cleaning work at Arenile Stabiese Pulito

New tools were bought, financed by some members and citizens and we soon became a real army to clean up that beach, with many members and even those who passed by at that moment armed themselves with good will and gladly helped us.

I remember with great pleasure the good moments of aggregation and sharing the common thought, that of seeing the beach again as in the 60s before it was "mistreated" first by a motocross race and then by the total abandonment by everyone, authorities and citizens.

Other associations joined us and gave us the opportunity to organize extra events such as “mini Olympics” for children organized on the same beach and many other activities.

In the meantime, about two years had passed and in addition to the beach we also took care of the monuments smeared with writings, we cleaned up entire alleys of churches, schools and the flower beds that lined the seafront and all this without the slightest support of the local authorities, despite the various requests.

More time passed and the various commitments, both at school and at work, drastically reduced the number of members to only 10 - 15 volunteers. The association "A.S.P. - Clean Stabiese beach"Was slowly disappearing and with the passing of the years it dissolved completely. But I have never left, today I have been taking care of this beach and everything that surrounds it for 10 years.

I went through very difficult moments and still today I don't have a stable job that allows me to live in dignity. Today I receive the citizenship income, but for the dignity of a working man I have never remained idle and with all humility I believe I have given everything and continue to do so, also because in addition to everything I have just told, it hides a visceral love for my city, Castellammare di Stabia.

Dear Andrea, we at IdeeGreen thank you for your commitment and your work to protect the environment and we sincerely hope that the local administration will soon find a job to offer you to live with greater serenity and continue to protect the beautiful beach of Castellammare di Stabia and the surrounding areas!

Andrea Lambiase in a moment of cleaning the beach of Castellammare di Stabia

Castellammare di Stabia and its beach in a video by SOS Stabia.

Video: Sos Stabia: quattro chiacchiere con Andrea Lambiase e Vincenzo Garofalo, due volontari stabiesi DOC. (June 2022).


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