Fruit stains, how to remove it from clothes

Fruit stains, how to remove it from clothes

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The fruit stains on clothes they are a common inconvenience, especially in summer. And they are also a rather unpleasant inconvenience, as fruit stains can sometimes be particularly persistent and difficult to remove.

Anyway, if you follow these advice on removing fruit stains, we are sure that you will easily get rid of any annoying stain!

Fruit stains, how to treat them

Nothing is more beautiful than a pleasant summer day, with a plate of fresh, delicious and juicy fruit.

However, while eating fruit is the perfect way to indulge in a healthy and refreshing snack, it is also true that this habit can easily lead to unsightly stains on your clothes.

Sweet red strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and peaches are unfortunately able to leave an indelible mark on your wardrobe, especially if you won't be able to act quickly.

Well, in this article we will try to show you how to remove the most common fruit stains from whole fruit, fruit juice or fruit sorbet.

So take a few minutes to read carefully the reflections we had the pleasure of sharing with you today, and let us know what you think and if you have any other effective remedies!

What to do in case of fruit stains

If possible, the first thing you should do if you accidentally spill fruit on your clothes is to go to a reserved place and remove the garment so that it can be cleaned properly.

Once this is done, try to gently scrape the pieces of fruit that are probably left on the surface of your garment, using a knife or nail file, but obviously being careful not to damage the fabric.

Then, run very cold water over the stain, thus allowing the liquid to pass completely through the tissue. If you are quick enough, you may see some of the stain loosen and melt and… rest assured this is a good sign, as it indicates that the stain reacted exactly as it should have reacted in our best intentions.

After this first approach, he continues to run the water through the fabric, and in the meantime he begins to rub the fabric with a sponge to loosen the stain. Always be careful not to rub the fabric too hard, or you could cause indelible damage to the surface of your dress.

In this process, it is of course very helpful to use one stain remover, if you have one. Also try to be sure to try the stain remover on a small corner or portion of your garment first to make sure it doesn't damage the fabric.

Once you are sufficiently sure that the stain remover will not cause serious damage to your garment, apply it to the affected area. Finally, rinse with water. You should see the stain disappear almost immediately.

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Washing the fruit stain

Although timely action can help stop permanent stains and their traces, it may unfortunately sometimes take a little more work to completely remove traces of your inconvenience. But what to do in case of particularly stubborn stains?

Put the item of clothing in the washing machine. Always remember to look at the label with the instructions on your garment to make sure you wash it with the appropriate cycle to avoid unnecessary damage.

Wash the garment at an appropriate temperature, remembering that hot washes are not suitable, as they can contribute to worsening fruit stains. Also consider using a laundry detergent specially designed for effective stain removal: you can find many on the market, and we recommend that you opt for organic laundry detergents that contain enzymes, which may quickly turn out to be the best. , as they are better able to break down the sugars typical of fruit stains.

Again, if your item of clothing is white, also consider using a small amount of bleach in the wash - lemon juice or white vinegar are good natural alternatives.

If unfortunately the stain is still present after washing, soak the garment in a bucket of detergent and water and let it soak overnight.

In any case, avoid drying the garment before the stain is removed, as this could help fix the stain forever. In the morning, wash the garment for the second time and ... the stain should disappear!

Final tips for removing fruit stains

We conclude this brief insight with a series of final tips and advice that you should keep in mind in order to improve your hopes of being able to achieve a positive result in removing stains.

In summary:

  • act fast. Scrape as much fruit as possible and help by placing the stain on the fabric under a stream of cold water. The heat, on the other hand, could make the situation worse, helping to widen the stain and make it even more difficult to remove completely from your garment;
  • use a stain remover designed for that type of stain and fabric, and always rinse with cold water;
  • wash the stained object with laundry detergent - do not use a hot setting in your washing machine, but instead try to prefer cold wash cycles;
  • add a little bleach, vinegar or lemon to the wash to help remove stains from clothes. Of course, unless you want to find yourself with a completely ruined item of clothing, remember to use this trick only and exclusively on white clothes!

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