How to clean makeup brushes?

How to clean makeup brushes?

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Clean regularly i makeup brushes it can not only extend their life, but also make their make-up more professional and effective.

Despite this awareness, it is evident that few women pay much attention to makeup brushes, preferring instead to put them in their packaging without any cleaning, or almost.

Well, if you don't remember when it was the last time you cleaned your make-up brushes, or maybe you can't even remember the original color of the bristles, it's time to pick up a cleaner and start a good brush cleaning session!

Why clean makeup brushes?

The layers of oil and fat of one's skin, mixed with makeup pigments and dead cells, make brushes a breeding ground for bacteria. Obviously, this is not exactly good news for your skin, because the use of dirty brushes seriously runs the risk of causing serious harm to your health!

So, if maybe you have noticed rashes and spots on your skin, know that one of the causes could be related to the tools you use to apply your products.

At worst, the bad habits we shared with you above can also lead to infections, such as folliculitis.

How to clean makeup brushes step by step

If the above indications have set off an alarm bell in your mind ... we have achieved our goal!

We therefore enter the most operational phase.

Know that the cleaning makeup brushes it is not an impossible operation and will probably only ask you for a few minutes of your time.

First, dip each brush individually under warm running water and then in a bowl of mild shampoo or soap, and rub gently with your fingers to get a good lather for a few minutes.

Then, continue to hold the brushes under running water, until you are sure there is no more foam. Hold them in place for another 2 - 3 seconds, making sure they are clean and sparkling.

If you notice that there are still and residues on the brush, repeat the process from the beginning. If not, squeeze the excess water out of the brush and then spread the same brush on a towel near the sink to let it dry completely.

After all the brushes have been washed, line them up under a heat source, such as a radiator or radiator. If the day permits, you can also dry them in the sun.

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The best hygiene of make-up brushes

Having clarified the above, we want to bring some other practical ideas to this study.

Remember first that i bacteria and i mushrooms they prefer humid conditions over dry ones, and therefore foundations can accumulate microorganisms more quickly than dry powder brushes.

For this reason the frequency of cleaning of makeup brushes can not be constant. If you use brushes to apply liquid textures, wash them at least two or three times a week, while it will be sufficient to wash them only once a week if the brushes are used for powder.

Also remember that brushes with synthetic bristles they are a lower maintenance choice, are easy to clean and have a long service life (good quality ones should last 5 - 10 years!). In addition, many of these brushes, at an extra cost over the average, also offer antibacterial protection.

In contrast, the natural bristles they are porous, so they may require higher maintenance. They also quickly become useless if they are not washed. As the grease builds up, the bristles will no longer be able to function properly, and the makeup will look uneven.

We also suggest storing your makeup brushes in a cool and dry place, preferably in your bag, and avoiding hot and humid places, where bacteria will tend to accumulate.

Can they be washed in the washing machine?

But can make-up brushes be washed in the washing machine, thus saving useful time?

The answer is no. In fact, using the washing machine is not an acceptable shortcut for those who want to clean their makeup brushes properly. The heat from the washing machine will in fact break the glue that holds the brush to the handle, with what follows: the makeup brush will become unusable.

However, if the time available is really short, a wash in the shower will be enough to reach our goal.

Otherwise, if we have some time to dedicate to this routine, hand washing the brushes with an antibacterial soap or silicone-free baby shampoo in warm water is the best solution. Just treat the brush gently and rinse thoroughly.

Then leave the brushes to air dry and, after washing, spread them out so that the water does not penetrate the handle and does not rot the wood or remove the glue. If you wish (optional), you can also spray an essential oil, such as lavender, to guarantee an extraordinary scent.

And if you want to speed up cleaning operations further, we remind you that professional make-up brush cleaners exist in businesses. They cost a few tens of euros and will be a really effective choice to get a thorough cleaning of the brushes, allowing you - against an initial investment that is all in all limited for commitment and economic effort - to have a practical device, to be used to extend life usefulness of your brushes and the goodness of your make up!

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