How to make a Christmas bow

How to make a Christmas bow

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There are so many fun ways to create decorations for Christmas, but a great way to do this is certainly to make Christmas bows!

But how to make a DIY Christmas bow? What ribbons and colors to choose to make your Christmas decorations even more special?

If you've ever wondered, you've come to the right place.

What to do before starting!

Before starting to give your creativity a touch, however, we recommend that you:

  • buy double-sided tape: While double-sided tape is not mandatory for all Christmas bows, we recommend it if you are concerned that the tape may melt or twist. The double-sided adhesive tape ensures a better fixing of your creation;
  • use ribbon with threads to get a better shape: if you want your bow to have an even more pleasing shape or a better fullness, use the ribbon with threads so that it is easier to fix;
  • get yourself some sharp scissors: Sharp scissors leave neat cuts and make it easy to cut multiple layers and metal ribbon that the bow might have.

That said, you just have to start!

How to make a classic Christmas bow

The classic Christmas bow it is, to be clear, what everyone imagines when they hear the word "bow". It is also the easiest to make: you can use a normal ribbon or a ribbon with a metallic foil, depending on the final effect you want to achieve. The shapes of the “metallic” ribbon will obviously be more creative and moldable.

Having introduced the above, take three strips, two to face upwards and a central ribbon which must face downwards. Cross the right ribbon over the left ribbon so that the side with the "tail" hanging down is facing outwards. Then, fold the right ribbon down by passing it through the middle one. Model and, if you want, add additional elements of decoration.

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How to make a double bow

A variation of the classic bow is the double bow. To do this it is advisable to use thin, double-sided tapes, because these will allow you to get the best results.

Cut a ribbon of the length you want, and make a "sign" of peace with your index and middle fingers, to then rotate them sideways. Place the tape over the index and middle fingers, leaving a few centimeters overlapping, and hold the tape in place between the thumb and forefinger.

Then, wrap the ribbon down and around the back of your fingers once. Repeat for another loop so the ribbon is facing down behind the middle finger.

Then bring the ribbon in front of the middle finger (the ribbon should still be facing downwards) and then wrap the ribbon upwards and behind the middle finger so that it faces outwards. Finally, bring the tape forward and insert the opening between the index and middle finger. Rotate the nose back so that it crosses the horizontal strip of the ribbon, forming an "x" and then pulls the "tail" that has been created upwards behind the "x", tightening the ribbon together towards the center.

How to make a gift bow

A voluminous bow it's a great way to make your gift truly unforgettable. So if you want to go beyond the classic bows, a nice voluminous gift bow is what you need !!

For the realization, a single-sided tape is sufficient, it does not matter if there are wires or there are no guide wires for its realization. However, remember the importance of having sharp scissors.

Now, cut out a piece of tape, of the desired length, and fold inwards, continuing to fold until you have the desired number of folds. Once completed, cut the end of the ribbon: you will have a large ring.

Take the two ends of that ring and put them together so that they (and the free end of the ribbon) are at the top center. Cut the notches in the center of the tape, left and right, about a third on each side. Thread the ribbon and twist it tightly to secure it. Finally, roll and turn until you finish your job!

And if the above indications are not clear enough to you ... maybe you are right! It is not easy to summarize in words some very quick and often rather limited manual actions.

It is for this reason that we recommend that you take a look at the many tutorials you see on YouTube, and which will guide you step by step towards making your best bow!

Video: Easy Christmas Bow Tutorial. #CherishTheJourney Episode 15 (May 2022).


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