DIY fire weeding: price and how to do it

DIY fire weeding: price and how to do it

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Those looking for a natural herbicide should try fire weeding, even DIY. Thepriceit is accessible and the results are excellent. Let's see how to do the weeding and what to expect from the treatment.

The weeding machines are mainly of two types, in the context of the small domestic garden it is very useful the weeding on the shoulder or with a cylinder placed on a small trolley to be pushed by hand.

Why Consider Fire Weeding?

Because unlike theherbicidesedchemical herbicidesthat leave residues in the ground, the fire weeding is harmless: the combustion of LPG produces only water vapor and carbon dioxide. Chemical pesticides remain in the soil for a long time and are sometimes absorbed by the plants themselves until they reach our plate.

When to do the treatment

Thepriceweed, as we shall see, is accessible. Even professional burners have an affordable cost for the small horticulturalist. The duration of the effectherbicideobtained from the fire lasts from about 25 to 50 days. What makes the difference are factors such as the proximity of uncultivated fields, humidity, environment, rainfall and temperature.

The first treatment with flame weeding must be done at the vegetative restart, ie at the end of winter. The best period falls between the end of February and the beginning of March.

The second intervention is performed between the end of April and the beginning of May and the third DIY fire weeding treatment is performed between mid-May and the end of June.

A further intervention can be performed after harvesting, in this case the fallen leaves are burned and the high temperatures stress the roots of the weeds present in the soil so as to prevent their growth.

Thanks to the high temperatures, a double action is obtained: on the one hand weeds are eliminated and on the other hand the sources of inoculation of parasites are reduced.

Shoulder fire weeding

We talk about shoulder weeding to indicate equipment that allows the application of this technique by means of an LPG tank placed in a backpack, on the operator's shoulders. In the agricultural field, when the fire weeding technique has to affect large areas, mechanized wheeled equipment is used. For small surfaces, manual weeding is used, with trolleys or shoulder rucksacks.

Theshoulder weedingconsists of a backpack harness that allows you to securely fix the LPG cylinder. How is the equipment for practicing thedo it yourself fire weeding?

  • Burner attached to the head of a lance
  • The lance is equipped with a handle and can be equipped with a piezo lighter
  • A suitably coated tube connects the burner to the cylinder
  • On the handle of the lance there is a non-return flame valve

The cylinders of theshoulder weedingthey generally have a capacity of 10 kg. The LPG cylinders of the wheeled equipment can reach 25 kg of gas.

The burner is fixed to the pipe which, at the same time, has the purpose of supplying the gas and acting as a support. The operator uses the burner as a control lever. On the market there are several more or less complex models according to needs.

The cheapest model is a circular torch burner also called cup burner, it has a maximum diameter of 60 cm. The bar burners have a rectangular shape and allow a wider working area (from 4 to 40 cm), more than the shoulder weeding, this dispenser is connected to the trolley that allow you to carry more capacious cylinders. The rectangular bar burner optimizes working times but is also more expensive.

DIY fire weeding

If you are thinking of building a DIY fire weeding equipment yourself, give up! The hose must be covered with an anti-abrasion sock and the dispenser itself must be equipped with a pressure reducer complete with safety valve and pressure gauge. The valve and the pressure reducer are used to modulate the gas operating pressure which must be between 1 and 2 bar.

A professional burner with a 60 cm cup outlet can be bought on Amazon at a price of 45.99 euros with free shipping. For all information, please refer to the official Amazon page: CFH 52082 ST 1000

The dispenser / cup burner must be connected to the LPG cylinder. The cylinder can be placed either on a trolley or on a backpack. A kit for theweeding at high temperaturesconsisting of a trolley for a 13-liter LPG cylinder and a dispenser, it has a price that is around 120 euros, for all the information I invite you to visit this Amazon page.

There is also theelectric fire weedingbut this is more expensive and hardly reaches high temperatures. Whichever model you buy, make sure it reaches at least 1,000 ° C. The model I have reported reaches 1800 ° C and has a yield of 25 - 40 kg of gas per hectare of treated soil.

While using theweeding with burneryou must wear gloves, clothing and safety shoes.

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